Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of First Grade

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Elijah started first a few weeks ago. I think it is much harder than kindergarten. For the mom. He in school for almost 6 hours. But I know he will love it and he will grow so much.

He will eat lunch at school out of his Michael Jordan lunch box.
He will come home and question why all the other kids get to eat chips, bars, juice boxes, and junk food every day for lunch.
He will play basketball at recess with the big kids.
He will become a proficient reader.
He might even play boys chase girls.
He will make a lot of memories and friends.
He will have days when he doesn't want to go.
He will talk to the other kids about God.
He will beg to buy the cruddy school lunches and I will allow him to once a month.
He will be missed by his mom.
I love my first grader!

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Shiloh's Dad said...

To think: Only 11 more years of first days for each grade. I think about how much he will change each year. And, how you will hold these memories of him in your heart.
Like a great dark chocolate, each child's life with us is so bittersweet.

Andra Jamison said...

I hear you sista!

annett said...

So cute! I LOVE that fact that he's like you and will share God at that age. And, I LOVE that he knows who Michael Jordan is and has a lunch box! I didn't know those existed. lol. You are a wonderful mama! (even letting him eat those nasty lunches, is great...once a month)... : )

Sherri said...

So cute! It's amazing how quickly these years go...and he looks so excited and happy.

Loved your talk at MOPS by the way! Sorry I had to duck out early, but I thought you were fabulous and funny!

TDM Wendy said...

Shiloh's Dad -
Yes, yes. Dark chocolate.
Andra -
I cannot believe how old your kids are! But not you of course
Today was his monthly outing. Oh the food choices are so poor.
Thanks so much for coming. You missed when I actually had a few serious things to say :)

Julie said...

Amen, to your first grade post. Are you as exhausted as I am with all the homework???

Sheri said...

So adorable-and he's a lefty too! Gotta love that (as I too am one)...

Ya know-you could homeschool him dear. It's been one of the biggest blessings in our lives, just saying...I wouldn't trade those years for nothing! [graduated 2 already] :0) I am still in the trenches with #3 and #4 to if you need advice...don't hesitate to ask.

Somebody mentioned chocolate-that is good advice...but get some to eat cuz it does help! :0)


Sheri said...

oh, and yes, I know that was bad grammar, but it expressed the point. I actually should have said "for anything." but hey-


Lucy said...

My son also started first grade this year and it was totally different from last year. Last year he took off and never even said goodbye. This year scared him a bit. He was quiet and stayed close when he knew we were about to leave. It took seeing a former friend from last year to warm him up. These days are always so happy but sad for me too.