Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Expectations

Pin It Now! We got a hand-me-down barbie doll house from my friend Keri and some barbies. I expected the girls to pass out when they saw it. I thought they would ride into the sunset and forget that there was even other presents to be open. I thought Lydia might notice that the barbies were very used based on the rat's nests that inhabited their heads. None of the above expectations were met as you can see the awestruck look on their faces in this photo.

But that's okay. They were so overwhelmed by the other presents under the tree and their overstuffed stockings. They actually did love the barbie action later and continue to make good use of it. I love when I overhear Lydia talking for her barbies in her whimsical voice. And she has not said one word about well-worn barbies. Probably cuz she identifies with them since her favorite dress is her white trash Cinderella hand-me-down.

I expected that one of my kids would be sick on Christmas. It is just par for the course when you have little ones. Jordis stepped up to the plate in that department. She was snot central on Christmas with a touch of "Croup, There it Is!" in the evening. But no ER visit this Christmas!

She laid down on the couch at my parents' house and asked for a beer. Totally expected that.

I expected that my mom would go crazy and buy all of us way to many presents. Expectations met. I got a lot of Nordstrom action in my future, Shiloh got a new bike, and the kids got 6000 presents. But the best present is a trip to Mexico in the summer for all of us. Airfare and hotel paid for!!! We have never done an all-family vacation before. And since we have little kids we are totally adept at handling diarrhea. Mexico - we are ready for you!

Uncle Cam is not quite skilled in his poop handling, but we will bring him to Mexico anyway.

Next Wednesday I will have a guest post from Dah-Ve Chodan for Confessions of a Childhood Actress! Pin It Now!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Looks like a fun Christmas (besides Jordis being sick) And, hooray for a family mother in law is taking all of us on a vacation this summer also!! Disney cruise here we come! Yay for awesome parents!

TDM Wendy said...

Mel - woohoo for family vacations! Expect for now we can't have trash swap...