Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nose Picking, Space Staring, Neighbor Nudging

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Lydia had a Christmas program at her preschool. She wore a beautiful Christmas dress with a matching bow just like all the other little girls. Kidding, kidding. This is Lydia we're talking about here. She chose her most thrashed hand-me-down princess dress and wore it with pride. I love her for it.

I knew she would shine like a rock star during the performance because she is so animated and full of life. But in fact, she looked like she was just over the whole thing. Been there, done this. This is so last year.

But her heart lit up at the after-party when she saw her Uncle Cam.

And she was beyond stoked to see Brandon, one of the guys who comes to the college Bible study we host at our house every week.

And she loved having her parents there.

I love preschool performances. Such a great opportunity to witness kids staring off into space, singing off key, picking their noses, elbowing their neighbors, waving to their parents throughout the whole show, and kicking up their light-up shoes into the air during every song (while sitting in the front row) so they can watch them sparkle. Preschoolers are fun! Can I get an "Amen!"
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Anonymous said...

Hey! My friends, Bill and Krista Haslim are in the background of one of these pics! Fun!

the little dragonfly said...

I can only laugh along with you as we had Caroline's first Christmas program at school last week. I taped it and Jason and I have laughed and laughed watching it. Age 3 here we come!

CynthiaK said...

Her expressions are THE BEST! Ah, goodness. That makes me smile. :)

Annett/ Fit Moms Fit Kids Club said...

My favorite part are her tennis shoes! I should rock some tennis shoes with my dress to church (you think I'd be judged since I'm a pastor's wife. I hope not!) lol... She's so cute!

Erika said...

she is such a cutie! i love that you let her dress the way she wants to. i do the same!

TDM Wendy said...

thesestones - yes! their daughter is Lydia's buddy!
the little dragonfly - good times. should be on hulu.
Cynthia - glad you smiled!
Annett - yes, the tennis shoes completed the look. go for it.
Erika - thanks. yea, the whole wardrobe thing. picking my battles + one less thing I have to do.