Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hollywood Days - The President

Pin It Now! f you are new to my blog, on Wednesdays I post about my experience in Hollywood as a former child/teen actress. If you want to start at the beginning of these posts go here.
This is a rerun.
During my time in Hollywood I got to meet a lot of interesting, famous, and powerful people. I never met He-Man, but I did meet President Ronald Reagan at a charity tennis tournament. I whooped on him on the court. Well, I would have--had I got past his secret service guards and their sweet sunglasses. Looks like they took their job very seriously.

For Christmas this year my dad put this photo on a canvas so it is now hanging in our office. And whenever I look at it I go right past Ronnie and smile at those secret service agents. Pin It Now!


Erika said...

love it!!! what a great photo and a great memory.

Jessica Johnson said...

Please tell me you're wearing a "Just Say No" shirt. Because that would almost be as awesome as Ronnie. But not as awesome as the Pat Benetar/SS agent. The glasses! I'm dying!!!

TDM Wendy said...

Yes. Just Say No. For sure. And I loved Pat Benatar. First concert I ever went to.

Rachel said...

ha! that is pretty cool that you got to meet him- I'd have had it framed, too :).