Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hair Swap

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You may have noticed that my hair recently turned blonde. That was a result of a hair swap with my husband, Shiloh. He used to like my hair dark brown, but in his old age he has requested blonde. I don't mind changing my hair style or color so I did it - even though I would prefer to do nothing. Because it's way easier and cheaper. I did negotiate my bangs to make a comeback in this swap. I prefer bangs, Shiloh does not.

And exchange for the blonde hair I got Shiloh to grow out his hair. Cuz I like it shaggy.
He has recently threatened that he will be cutting it, which is fine with me. I am ready for that. I wasn't wanting him to go Fabio on me.

**UPDATE: I wrote this post a few months ago. Since then Shiloh came through on his threats. He cut his shag. I am the bigger person in our relationship so I have kept my hair blonde. And that is the exciting story of the recent adventures of the Hagen hair swap.

What determines your do?
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Emily said...

My hair is longer now and also blonde-ish. I color it natural medium neutral blonde (thanks to nice n easy), but my hair picks up some red from it. My hair is rather gray naturally - thanks to genetics.

Anyway, my hair is longer because my husband loves it that way. I love his short and I prefer him without facial hair even though he's sporting a go-tee right now. I can't wait until he shaves it. :)

Kelly K. said...

I have issues with my hair. Every time I get it cut, I hate it. I swear, no matter how hard I try to explain to the hairdresser what I am going for, they somehow always do the opposite....or get it wrong. I bring pictures even!

Then I get scared to try a new hairdresser because I don't want to hurt their feelings....and I think what if the next one is worse and I can't go back cuz they'll know I betrayed them.

I have been trying to grow my hair out for months and it keeps getting chopped off each time because she chops so many layers into it and then has to "fix" it next time. I feel dreary enough as a woman now that I am a stay at home my pj's half the day, no makeup....showers are fewer and farther between than before. I would love to have ONE thing that makes me feel pretty....good hair. Not to mention what pregnancy and breastfeeding did to my hair....I have weird growths where hair is coming back now from where it fell out along the edge of my hairline near my temples. I was planning to take the plunge and try for number 2 soon, but I don't know if my hair can take it. ;)

sigh....I think women like sherri shepard have it right....I think I need a slew of wigs. :) Lucky for me my husband always says my hair looks nice and really doesn't care what I do to it. I think he'd like it if I just stopped griping about it all the time. That's all he cares about...ha!

Lorri said...

My husband thought I was really hot bald but I just couldn't keep that look up. ;)

Tegan Aubrie said...

You are sooo funny. :) I like the blonde. And the fact that you were willing to do something small for Shiloh to make him happy, even if it caused you some additional effort. More wives need to do that and understand the importance. Keep it up!

TDM Wendy said...

Kelly K,
Your comment cracked me up. Lorri, keeps the lice away, right?
Thanks Tegan.

Angie said...

I feel totally stressed out after reading Kelly's comment!

I'm currently experiencing my own hair crisis. I may be going to get it cut or colored today. Jury's still out.

Do people still get perms? Like body saves? Not 1991 spiral perms. Not that I'd know about that.

As far as husbands go, I really, really wish mine had an opinion about my hair! He truly doesn't care. I just wish he'd boss me around and tell me what to do.

Angie said...

And by body saves, I meant body WAVES.

Although a body save might be called for right about now. I ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's singlehandedly last night. The morning after feeling stinks.