Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saved by the Bell and a Fan

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Click to enlarge this sweet fan letter.

This is me and Christina. Christina who was one of my best friends in Hollywood. Christina, who came equipped to sign autographs. Cuz she was popular. But I at least had two fans in Illinois who weren't my cousins.

We did not wear these outfits to the Saved by the Bell taping, but I kind of wish we did. Just for fun.
We didn't wear these outfits either, but I bet it was something close. Guaranteed scrunchies were involved.
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Jessica Johnson said...

is that a hypercolor original? i think it might be.

Sar said...

I hope you actually sent her (and her cousins) some signed headshots!

I'm envious; the only fanmail I get are emails from my mother! ;)

Jay V said...

Funny story. I was looking for the Growing Pains theme on YouTube so I can learn how to play it ( curse those crazy pop chord changes, overlaid with multiple other layers of chords ) and then I saw the clip with you and Luke. I watched the video, thought, "Oh, you 1990's!" came to visit the site, and voila!

Of course, now I have to go through an entire series of Wednesdays to catch up. ;)