Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cancun Adventure

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For Christmas my parents gave us Cancun.
Paid for everything for my family. And my brother Kevin and his family. And my brother Cameron.
First all-family vacation since we all got old and had kids and stuff.
It was awesome and I have much to say and many photos to share . . . but who knows when I'll get to all that.
So for now . . .

Here is the one and only Hagen family photo that was taken on the trip.

Here is my whole family. And the only reason I got cooperation on this pic was because it was my mom's birthday.

If you feel you would like to be a part of this family and therefore deserve an all-expense paid vacation, please leave a comment stating why you think you deserve to be adopted into this family and what you would contribute to the traveling adventure.
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Emily said...

Looks fun! We're going to the British Virgin Islands next month with my husband's whole family. Should be an adventure. :)

songskatesang said...

Two things...
1. I am excellent at laughing at jokes. It's true. So good.
2. I love to pick up after people. A true busybody. My services are yours.

mama marchand said...

Well, I LOVE to take pictures so I'd be sure to get more than just one of you and the family. :) I have to keep things clean & tidy while I'm staying in someone else's place (even if it is a resort). I love to come up with random stuff to do to entertain kids. I love to make coffee.

This list could go on ... I'll stop now. :)

Nancy said...

how fun is that? we have a family vacay next week to ORegon for a family wedding where my extended family will be. it is going to be a little nutso but in a good way. I absolutely love that pic of your daughter in the family photo. oh my. awesome.

Wendy V said...

So many adorable things to love in the Hagen Family Photo: The boys' matching flip flops, Lydia's double headbands and Lydia's very angry face!!

sandi said...

1. i like to cook and have been known to travel with a crock pot in order to have dinner ready after a day of adventure.
2. i straighten up beds ~ even in hotels. we have three children and i don't want housekeeping thinking we are slobs.
3. i like driving and get car sick as a passenger (this one could be a liability but i could be your taxi driver).
4. my children are fun to be around (might be a bit biased)
5. we love jesus.

Lisa said...

That's awesome! Good for you guys! My hubby just won an all expenses paid trip to Bermuda in August...I'm a little freaked out about leaving the kiddos, but I know they'll be fine and we could use the time to reconnect!