Friday, June 03, 2011

Help Me in the Boxing Ring!

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Please friends. I need your help. Your advice. Your support. Your encouragement.
Head over to Fit Moms Fit Kids Club to read my post and then offer some input!
This is not a joke. This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system. Go to Fit Moms Fit Kids Club now and help a mother out.
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Mirinda said...

Oh girl, it never's what drives me the MOST crazy with my kids. A great book is Making Brothers and Sisters Best The Mally family- they are precious!

Mauimandy@The Grains of Paradise said...

Great picture Wendy! Hahaha

sandi said...

some days are absolutely priceless and others, not so much! our children are great in public (restaurants, school, church) but get them home and the bickering begins. everyone thinks they are such great children (which they are) and ask for advice. when i tell them to follow me home they just don't believe me!

big fan of anything by kevin leman... "making children mind without losing yours" is a good one. lisa welchel (blair on facts of life) has a good one called creative correction, but some of her ideas are for older children. we use scripture writing about the behavior we are trying to change also. "grace based parenting" and "shepharding a childs heart" are good also. but hard reads because they offer no "real" fixes. just how to deal with the heart issues behind the behavior.

parenting books are hard because we want a ten step process and forget that they all have different personalities etc. i can tell you that what works for child #1 does not work for #2, and #3 she just antagonizes the older two until they give in because they don't want to deal with her throwing a fit.

when you find something please clue the rest of us in!