Monday, June 06, 2011

Shop for Jop - It's On!

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Get shopping now -- think about upcoming holiday gifts. Birthdays, baby showers, hostess gifts, raffle prizes, 4th of July . . . and of course, it's never to early to start Christmas shopping. Father's Day is coming up - get your husband or dad that cute purse he's always wanted . . . to give you. And please spread the word!

From now until 11:59 pm on June 13th participating vendors will be donating up to 100% of their sales toward the relief effort in Joplin. They will be giving to a reputable relief organization or joining with me in giving a gift card directly to my cousins who lost their house in the tornado. Here is what is left of it . . .

Here are my featured "Shop for Jop" vendors who are donating 10%-100% of their sales to help Joplin people. If you are interested being a "Shop for Jop" vendor link up below and then leave a comment letting people know a bit about your shop, how much you will be donating, and to what organization!

Ragamuffin Beauties Button
Raggamuffin Beauties has earrings, necklaces, and handmade onsies. Unfortunately the onsies are for babies only, but babies did not make these products. Jenni did and she is giving 25% of her sales to World Vision!
Items range from $5-$25

Mel at Daylight Designs is giving 50% of her sales to help my cousins. She makes beautiful invitations, party accompaniments, and more. And she's my neighbor, so that's cool. And our daughters are friends. Even cooler.
Items range from $3.50 - $35.

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews
Gussy Sews has purses, totes, laptop bags, headbands, ipad cases. All adorable and made by Maggie -- not an 8 year-old in a third world country! She is giving 10% to The Red Cross!
Items range from $9.50 - $99.

Songs Kate Sang
Kate at Songs Kate Sang has books, notecards, and prints and she is donating 50% of her sales for all of June toward a gift card for my cousins. And if you buy one particular print then 100% will go toward that gift card.
Items range from $1.25-$22.

Totally Desperate Mom is a book of humor and encouragement for moms with young kids. Stock up on baby shower gifts or just get it to some of your girlfriends who could use some extra love and support in the motherhood. Three dollars (25%) for every book purchased on my website will go toward a gift card for my cousins. This also not made by an 8-year old in a third world country although many children provided the material for much of this book.
$12 per book. Shipping for up 3 books only costs $5.

Jamie at Let's Button Up is one crafty women. She makes all kinds of jazz with buttons -- signs, decorative pieces, jewelry, headbands and microwaves. Okay, I made up the last thing, but still she has mad skills. Jamie is donating 20% of her sales to Samaritan's Purse.
Items range for $5 - $30.

BWS tips button
Make Mine Blue has some really cute fabrics (for those of you with the sewing gene), purses, totes, key fobs, pillow covers & more! Jenn is donating 20% of her sales to go toward a gift card for my cousins and she is making this tote for my cousin Lexi.
Items range from $2 - $38.50.

In addition to doing shopping there are other ways you can help in the "Shop for Jop" campaign.

1. Give directly to my cousins Shane and Linn via a check or gift cards. Please email me if you want to give directly to them and I will give you their mailing address. However, I know some of you might feel uncomfortable with that because you don't know me or them and fear they might buy booze and boob jobs with the money. In that case . . .

2. Give directly to a reputable relief organization that is helping in Joplin like World Vision or The Red Cross. I know some of you have already done this - THANK YOU!

3. SPREAD THE WORD! Please grab a button (on my side bar) and mention this on your blog so others will get shopping and/or giving. Please tweet and facebook about this as well. If you go to the top left of the post you can simply click on "tweeted" and it will provide the link for you. You can also "like" this on facebook by clicking at the bottom the post.

4. If you live anywhere close to Joplin then you can support my cousins by going to their salon The White Rhino and getting your hair done! I trusted Shane to my hair for my wedding and gave him free reign with it. He did an awesome job and you will love him!

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The Economos Family said...

Stella & Dot is boutique style jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Featured in In Style, People and Oprah. My friend Tanya's business is donating 25% of her profits to the Red Cross and 25% toward a gift card for your cousins.

Click “find your hostess”,
select “Shop for Jop”
Shop to your hearts desire...

hannah singer said...

Awesome vendors, Wendy!
can't wait until friday/payday!


Summer said...

Thirty-One Gifts, named from Proverbs 31 and the woman of virtue, is a company that sells cute purses, bags, lunch totes, and other unique items that can be personalized to reflect your personality.

25% of the total product sales in this party will be donated to Samaritan's Purse, a relief organization, in order to help with tornado recovery in Joplin.


Choose "My Events" on the right hand side, under the consultant photo.

Select the "Shop for Jop" event so that your order will count towards donation total.

Happy shopping!

Kim said...

bamboopink is a new fashionable, yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by Frances Gadbois and Jude Steele of JudeFrances Jewelry. The first branded jewelry line of its kind. Kim McQuaid will donate 20% of sales from Shop for Jop.

Visit www,
Shop and enjoy looking beautiful inside and out:)
Please email your name and that you have shopped for Jop at:

Michelle Schrock said...

Scentsy Candles are flameless and wickless. Decorative Scentsy Warmers use a 25-watt light bulb to heat scented wax. The scent is warmed out of the wax without the harm of lead, chemicals or soot releasing into the air. Scentsy Candle Bars have a burn time (or “warm” time) of up to 80 hours. There are more than 50 unique warmers and over 80 scents to choose from.

25% of the sales from this fundraiser will be donated via gift card to directly assist Wendy's cousins Shane & Linn.

I will also personally match any Scentsy Buddy purchase by donating a Scentsy Buddy to the Buddies of Hope program that gives Scentsy Buddies to children who have been displaced because of the tornados in Tuscaloosa, AL and Joplin, MO. Both BUddy purchases will be credited to these fundraising efforts.

Support Shop4Jop here:

Or contact me if you would like to make a direct Scentsy Buddy donation to Buddies of Hope. The purchase will give back an additional buddy PLUS count toward the fundraising total for Shane & Linn.

Warmest Regards,

Michelle Schrock
Independent Scentsy Star Director
In-A-Scent Fun Team