Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Party Like a Three-Year-Old

Pin It Now! You saw my realistic cake pop recipe for Jordis' third birthday party. Here's the rest of the party . . .

We got some balloons so she could get her hair done up all nice.

Jordis welcomed her guests by picking her nose before hugging them.

The guests (about 15 little kids) and their parents partied in the pool.

We gathered the kids on the lawn for the receiving of the cake pops and cupcakes. Elijah likes sugar. And how about that yard? It's not mine. It's my parents' crib. Thankful to use it.

The cake pop-filled girl opened her presents.

You know when one kid is misbehaving so you focus more on that kid? So then the other kids start acting up? Well, let's just say I really focused on making those cake pops. But at least Mel's cupcake toppers prettied up these kids.

These are two of my dear friends, Solmaz and Karis. Their kids were party goers.

The end. Now Elijah want cake pops for his birthday. Oi.

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Jessica Johnson said...

turned out great! good job, mama. and i think our next playdate needs to be at your parents crib.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow the party looked like it was awesome. She looks so cute opening her presents!! You did an excellent job. Everything looks great!!