Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Circus of the Stars No More

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If you are new to my blog, on Wednesdays I post about my experience in Hollywood as a former child/teen actress. If you want to start at the beginning of these posts go here.
This is my last Circus of the Stars post so if you are getting Circused out you can just relax. The good news? It's not a re-run. It's just a bunch of photos I dug up from my secret stash.

Remember that show Perfect Strangers? Rebecca Arthur, who played Balki's girlfriend Mary Anne, performed the . . . spinny thing. I can't remember the official name. I think this pic was taking at a practice. Rebecca is far left, then her friend, me, one of our trainers, and my partner Jocelyn Peden.

Hanging out with my friends from home, my partner Mark-Paul, and one of our trainers whose outfit is phenomenal. And Mark-Paul's is pretty awesome too. Can you see the hammer pants?

Joceyln and I stretching before the big show.

Getting makeup done in my mom jeans before the show.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar grabbing a balloon at our final rehearsal. Before he cracked his sternum ):

With Dah-Ve Chodan (trapeze) and her mom at the final rehearsal.

Celebrating after the show with Chad Allen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I think they were singing happy birthday and then Mark-Paul called a timeout?

Rehearsing the crazy 360. Mark-Paul was strong enough to do this one on his own. He pushed the swing all the way around. Joceyln and I could barely get it around - it was so hard.

Stayed tuned for another Hollywood guest post coming up!
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Denise said...

chad there was an 80's hottie.

your pix are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It's been fun going back and reading all of your Hollywood posts! Brings back memories of my "teenybopper" days.:)

Yea, Chad Allen (I had a major crush) was the one star I ever wrote a fan letter to. He sent me back a letter and signed pic. I know I probably still have it somewhere.

jenn said...

love it!!

TDM Wendy said...

Denise - My Two Dads. Did you watch it?
Jennifer- Find that letter.
Jenn - Glad you love.