Friday, September 09, 2011


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I like InstaFriday with Jeannett because I don't have to think. I can just post pics from my cell phone. So thanks Jeannett for contributing to the full demise of my brain. And tomorrow is payback, you guys can bring your braindead selves back over here for my first Stylin' Saturday link up! Share you pics of your kids' awesome outfits or some of your own disaster mom outfits.

life rearranged
My dad turned 70 and wore this insta-awesome shirt.

Elijah earned an insta-five bucks for licking a large worm/caterpillar.



Insta-hot chocolate. I love it.

Insta-cowgirl party at Mel's. Insta-incredible pinnable shindig.



Insta-blogger friends.

Insta-pony ride.

Insta-signage. Go ahead and pin it.

Insta-brother/sister photo. Posed under duress.


Insta-school work.

Insta-sushi date with me.


Insta-living room ready for our young adults life group.

Insta-sharky tooth coming through.

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mama marchand said...

Would have liked some warning for the licking-a-worm situation ... *gags* Good thing I wasn't eating. ;)

Um, your kids are adorable, even if they do weird things for money. CUTIES!

Working Mommy said...

YIKES! You wouldn't catch me licking a worm...not at my age now at least - maybe like 20 years ago!! The only worms I've come close to were either at the bottom of a bottle in college or the frat boys from was a wormy time apparently.


jennie w. said...

I would totally lick a worm for five dollars.

Also glad to finally see Sharkie make an appearance!

hannah singer said...

loving your dad's shirt.
i'd like more information on that hot cocoa. looks like i need it in my life. pretty please.
seriously, mel created an amazing event! wow.

also, is that a running paying stunt? because i could use five bucks. toward my cocoa fund.


Denise said...


you are the cutest.

Denise said...

oh, and instagross worm lickage! yick.