Sunday, October 09, 2011

Anyone Else Addicted to Sugar?

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Confession: I have a major sweet tooth. I love home-baked goodies. I love hot chocolate. I wish I could be as strong at Fit Mom Lori who has no refined sugar in her house. But what about cake pops? And dark chocolate? And cream cheese chocolate chip cookies?

There's nothing like a homemade treat made with real butter and real (processed and refined) sugar. But refined sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever. In fact, it is really bad for you.

That being said, I am personally okay with most things moderation. Even treats. But what does that mean? Once a week? Once a day? Once every five minutes?

Lately I have been getting away from moderation and into obsession. At least one treat almost every day. Or maybe two. Or like the other night when I had four chocolate chip cookies. (They were so good.) And because I am consuming more sugar, I crave it more. I am still working out hard so it is not really affecting my body visibly, but I know it is not good for me.

So I am giving up sugar until Thanksgiving. Except for a treat every 2 weeks.
Whaaaat? Head over to Fit Moms Fit Kids Club to read how this happened. Oh and anyone else need to be cleansed from their sugary ways? Wanna join me?
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katie said...

While I am a sugar addict too, I am proud of the fact that I allow myself one treat a day....oops. In my books, one is good! I try to make it a small amount of dark chocolate. Trader Joe's has these 100 calorie mini dark chocolate bars. They give me my fix. Good luck with your sugar detox. : )

Bill and Jenn said...

Ok, I am laughing right now. For about the last 4-6 weeks, our house has been pretty much treat free-- both for health reasons and for trimming the budget reasons. So, tonight, I sit down next to Bill to read your blog and he pulls out some 'contraband' (his words) that he found on top of the refrigerator-- a bag of skittles. Our treat-deprived selves inhaled the whole bag in no I read about you cutting out treats. I guess you can say we like sugar. A lot. But you're right... The less you have, the less you crave it. My sweet fix as of late has been dried cherries. The still have some sugar involved, but come on.... It's fruit!!

Good luck to you and Shiloh-- I'll be thinking of you through the Halloween season. :)

GunDiva said...

Can't give up my sugar in the form of my daily Coke. My trainer's been after me for six months to give it up, but it ain't happening.

You're stronger than I am to give it up.

Karen said...

I am going to have to join you because while I used to allow that one piece of chocolate a day, the sugar cravings increased and now I have.... 8!! And they are big pieces. I'll start tomorrow, right after I eat it all up at once.

Lisa said...

I'm thinking if it's homemade then it's not that bad, right? I mean, at least you know what's in them...a little scary when I start to think homemade cookies are "healthy" because comparatively speaking at least ya know what your getting!!

Kelly K. said...

Good luck to you!! I honestly don't know if I could do it. I have such a sweet tooth. I have always wanted to try, but never carried though. My husband has been trying to get on a health kick though and hates exercise and eating I've thought about giving up chocolate to help encourage him. He hates that I can get away with eating most anything and blames my constant sweets around the house for his inability to resist, thus gaining weight. Does it count if I just hide my sweets and he doesn't have to see them? ha!

Kristen said...

i've been having far too many treats.

i love to bake. it is like my therapy. we pretty much always have treats in the house. i am getting better about giving them away but there is usually something in the house... almost always chocolate chip cookies.

i agree about the moderation but i am definitely enjoying a treat almost everyday. i want to cut back to once a week {maybe twice} or special occasions. i find that the treats are my reward at the end of a day. i need to reward myself with something other than food ;O)

hannah singer said...

ok, you are funny.

also, i am joining you. but two treats a week for me. or i may die.