Friday, October 28, 2011

Insta-Pumpkins and Prayers

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Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow is Saturday. I don't want this feeling to end so I am going to document what we did this past week.

This was drawn a year ago. Before Sharky came. But Sharky's leaving on the midnight train to Georgia on Monday.

These were Lydia's prayers starting with a wish . . . about the sister she never met. So sweet. And I never saw a splinter so I am not sure what that was about. But I think God most really love the prayers of little children. Even if they are wishes.

We accept nothing less than diamonds at our family meals and Jordis knows that.

Shiloh's mom sent the kids these. They are made of wax and chemicals, but are supposed to be edible or chewable or something. We made soup out of them cuz I found a really great recipe on Pinterest.

There are no regulations for the vitamin industry. Clearly. Has your pediatrician ever recommended these? Unless my mom was your pediatrician then your answer is no.

Ariel or Wilma Flinstone. Pediatrician's #1 recommended pumpkin pattern.

We don't put up anything spooky for Halloween. But with this rendition of Tiana on our porch . . . . might as well have busted out some zombies, right?

I printed out some pumpkin patterns for my husband. He especially like the carpal tunnel this one gave him. Let's just say the night ended with "I'm never doing that again."

Lydia continues her fashion forward trends. Matching shoes are like email to this generation. So passe.

Jordis did not want to pose for this picture so I held her against her will.

You can find this babe @TheRealAriel on Twitter.

Lydia is Tiana for Halloween. With a hint of Dorothy and Huck Finn.

I love paninis. From my panini maker. My favorite:
Fresh sliced sourdough loaf from Safeway, spinach, pesto, mozzarella cheese, tomato.

I spoke at a church in Roseville and stayed with my friend Sara's. Her house is like a really nice, clean hotel. And her husband had my room and bathroom all set up when I got there. I swear he is the founder of Pinterest.

Jordis likes sequins and sticks. And when I ask her to "pose" for a picture for some reason she bends over, puts, her head down, and throws her arm back. Not sure why, but it's probably a sign of intelligence or beauty pageant readiness.

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Rebekah said...

I needed a laugh, so thanks for this post. If only I Twittered...I'd be TheRealAriel's #1 fan.

Emily said...

I love your Insta-Friday posts! They always make me smile!

Franchesca said...

Oh fun pictures! That panini bread looks amazing!!!

Jessica Johnson said...

R.I.P. sharky.

Jeannett said...

that wig.
i mean it's a little much.
and that color can certainly not be found in nature.
and she's got that sea swept look going.
but it's absolutely awesome.
and i've always thought tianna could use some tire swinging in her life.
girl was all work work work.

{cuppakim} said...

peace out sharky.
it's been real.

Stacy of KSW said...

I can tell just by reading this post you & I should be friends. You are hilarious and awesome all rolled in to one. Love your post & the prayers. More from me soon :)

Denise said...

what sweet prayers from your girl. love.

diamonds are a girl's best least that's what i'm told. i wouldn't know.

back in the olden days when i was little {1979 is the olden days right?} i polished off an ENTIRE bottle of flinstone vitamins. i am still alive. i don't take vitamins now because i figure i reached my quota in 79.

i hold my kids against their will for photos all. the. time.