Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Neck Tattoos and Storage Wars

Pin It Now! We went to San Diego for Christmas. And I have some pictures to prove it. Including a spider tatt on Elijah's neck. Because nothing says San Diego or Christmas like a neck tattoo.

Elijah learned the real "f" word on vacation from our cousins' cousin. Thought you should know.

Shiloh and I discovered Storage Wars on vacation. We loved it and watched many episodes.

Jordis is throwing up today.

Elijah and Lydia go back to school tomorrow.

I have a cat sitting on me right now.

Shiloh and I watched Midnight in Paris last night. It was unique. Entertaining.

Next week I am teaching at our college group and women's Bible study at my church.

I am getting my hair done today and I might come home with dark brown hair.

And that's all the random thoughts I have for today.

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hannah singer said...

the neck tattoo is pretty serious. very cool, and very christmas-y.

sorry about the f word. praying you won't hear it:)

love you, grateful for you! happy new year!

The Starr Family said...

On the neck huh? A new girl in my daughter's class has a tattoo on her arm. It was still there when I had her class Christmas party... 3 weeks later. I lie awake and think about it at night, weird.

As a sidenote, I feel at home here. Your posts make me nod and say, she gets it, parenthood and all.

Linda Z said...

Ha! I like your random thoughts. I hope Jordis is feeling better.

We discovered Storage Wars, too. Got hooked. It makes me want to go treasure hunting.

Also liked Midnight in Paris. I decided I really like Rachel McAdams taupe handbag in that movie. I usually have no interest in handbags, but I loved hers. So I looked it up and apparently it's a Chanel that goes for something like $4000. I guess I have good taste? I guess that handbag won't be coming home to live with me. Sheesh... that a used car! :)