Monday, January 30, 2012

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? ON SALE HERE!

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Give the book of laughter, encouragement hope . . . and desperation to someone this Valentine's Day. Give it to yourself, to a friend, to a teacher, to a Sunday school worker, or force your husband to buy it for you. Or just stock up for future birthdays or baby showers because . . .

I am offering a four-day Valentine's special for my book Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin' it Real in the Motherhood. A four-pack of my book for $32, which is only $8 per book. PLUS FREE SHIPPING! That's 33% off from purchasing it on my website! You will receive your books in time for the day that was invented by Hallmark and the chocolate industry AKA Valentine's Day!

So here is the dealio:

1. Must purchase a minimum of 4 books for $32 plus ZERO dollars for media mail shipping.
2. Must email me (wendy at wendyhagen dot net) with the following by Friday, February 3rd by 6pm PST:
-Your mailing address
-Your paypal email address so I can send you an invoice
-How many books you would like (in increments of four)
- If you want me to sign them - give me names
*If I know you or you have ordered from me before, you can mail me a check.
4. Must pay invoice I send you by Friday, February 3rd by 9pm PST.
5. Please leave a review on Amazon after you read the book.

Thanks! Please tweet and facebook and text and mime and pinterest about this.

Here's a review from Kirra on Amazon in case you were thinking you don't have time to read or you don't know any moms who read or you think Valentine's Day is a dumb holiday. Well, maybe it is, but you can still buy some books . . .
This is my new favorite book. I couldn't wait to read it every day during my "free" time. I am a mother of three (6 months-6 years). I could relate to EVERY story that Wendy shares in her book. I kept thinking, "No way! A similar thing just happened to us", or "I have been feeling exactly the same way". It is nice to know that I am not alone and that other moms feel the same way I do. I want to have my husband read the book next. Maybe, after reading the book, he could understand where I am coming from a little more. I highly recommend this book to every mom out there, especially if you have been feeling a little discouraged.
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WAHM @ Valentine Days Gifts said...

Your offer is a really terrific deal...And I am sure work-at-home-moms everywhere would enjoy some light reading to brighten up their day...I can tell from your blog that your book is probably quite interesting...Are you offering excerpts from it for free (like maybe the first chapter or so)???