Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Turning Mourning into Dancing in Downtown LA

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When we drove down to So Cal for Christmas vacation we left at around 4:30am. We made good time and were in the downtown L.A. area by 10am. So we decided to pop in The Bridge Church at Union Church in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The kids were in pajamas and I was in my "traveling" clothes, but we knew that at least the pastor and his wife wouldn't care. Pastor Tim was our college worship pastor at Bel Air Pres and he married one of my best friends from home, Kati. One of the highlights of our trip was when Kati came into the church service and saw us. She sat next to me so surprised and crying "I had the worst day yesterday. This is the best Christmas present." And so off we went to the cry room. And after a great message from Tim we went out to lunch and then headed down to San Diego for the rest of our journey.

(Kati with the sunglasses)

Anyway, the moral of the story is that Tim has a blog post that I want you to read. Here's a teaser, but you really need to head over to LA Pastor and read the whole thing. Because it is good. And encouraging. And a good example of how journal and how through lamenting God can bring you to a place of praise.

"A Bad Start to 2012?"
I know you’re supposed to begin the new year with these great expectations of becoming a fitter person with a bigger bank account all while achieving spiritual growth and a gaining inner peace. After the past week I think I’ll settle for just surviving.Perhaps it was the way 2011 ended that has led to a challenging 2012. My wife and I spent New Year’s Eve in the hospital ER as she got blood tests and other exams done. We spent ten hours at the hospital on Saturday night with an IV in her arm (do I even want to know how much ER charges?) but at least when we got home at 11pm we were cleared of any immediate health threats. But I still hadn’t finished my sermon for the 9am service the next morning so I rung in the new year working on a sermon while my wife and toddler slept . . .

Must read the rest. Head over here.

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Katie @ minivan diva said...

Thanks for sharing his post. Powerful stuff. : )

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Linda Z said...

Thanks for the link... I have been chasing the light for quite some time now. And I'm learning “The path to praise is through lament.” It is painful, but God is teaching me day by day.