Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vader the Rat

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I'm behind in my blogging life. Because I am tending to other things. Like teaching at college group and women's Bible Study.

And oh yea, taking care of a rat named Vader. We brought him home from Lydia's kindergarten class on Friday and will enjoy him for the long weekend.
Lydia was so excited. And guess what? So was I. I grew up having pet rats so weekend with one where I only have to clean the cage one time is cool.

My cats like the rat too. But in a different way.

So cute like Ratatouille, right?

The only thing that is really creepy about rats (besides how they pee all the time - on you and on the table and then drag their tail through the pee and wipe it all around) is their booties. And when I say booty that includes the tail.

Some of you may remember this video of my encounter with rat booty in my garage. Some of you may have blocked it out . . .

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Emily said...

Rats are the best rodent pet! I loved this one rat we brought from Colorado to give to my cousin in PA. The sweetest thing!

Linda Z said...

Vader... ha! My brother-in-law used to sleep with a rat. I just can't handle them. :P

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh now I am not big on rats at all! I wouldn't want one spending the weekend with us!! That video is so funny.