Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Valentine's Day Specialish

Pin It Now! I try to make holidays special for my kids. Mainly because when I interviewed some grown ups for my book and asked them about special memories with their mom most of them talked about how she made holidays special. And how she had special birthday plates for them. So I went all out for Valentine's Day this year. Not Pinterest-all-out, but Totally-Desperate-Mom-all-out. I made this breakfast.

But let's face it - Valentine's Day is really just another day in the motherhood life. With lots of added sugar. But everyday life doesn't stop. Meltdowns still happen. Dishes pile up. Moms still run out the door to take their kids to school leaving their kitchen a mess.
And when moms pull up to the drop off area at school on Valentine's day, children still forget their shoes at home and have to turn around and go back home to get them.

Kids still wake up with rat's nests in their hair and don't want it brushed. And when you give rat-nest hair child her Valentine's surprise she ungraciously says "I don' want play dough. I don't like play dough. It doesn't even have my favorite color." I guess Valentine's Day is also "I've-decided-my-favorite-color-is-yellow Day."

Sons around the world still forget their note card for their speech at school on Valentine's Day. Snake speeches still happen on Valentine's Day.

And people, you know, like husband people, still have to work. In fact, my Realtor husband wrote two offers on Valentine's Day and showed property to three different clients. I think that's a record and clearly home buyers and sellers don't care about the big Valentine's Day. But that's okay because if those turn into sales then we can eat and pay bills and maybe I'll get Botox. Just kidding. Botox before bills. BBB. It's my slogan. My theme. Use it. Pin it. Nah, just messing with you. I will cling to my wrinkles because I think cracks are cool.

And moms still can rock the Momfit on Valentine's morn.
So I guess what I am trying to say is "Happy Valentine's Day because every day is Valentine's Day in my house. Minus, the heart shaped pancakes and pink hot chocolate."

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ragamuffinbeauties said...

This may be my favorite post to date! Hilarity at its very finest! Looooove!

Emily said...

How fun! I'm sure the memories will last forever! :)

Love the Momfit, too!

Barbie said...

LoL! You're funny! Aubrey had her friend and cousin over to make Valentine's Day shirts and have heart shaped snacks. The crafts and snacks went great and then they all went to play on the trampoline. After about 2 minutes, friend was crying over hurt feelings, Aubrey was crying because her friend's hurt feelings hurt Aubrey's feeling, and cousin was totally confused. Then my youngest started crying because the other two were crying. On the way out, her friend's mom told her to say thank you for all the fun, to which her friend responded, "No, I didn't have fun! It was the worst day EVER!" LOL. No offense was taken. I was just glad it was her kid who said it and not mine (because mine was in her room on a time-out). So I think your Valentine's day was very special...well except for that favorite color could you not know her favorite color was yellow??

Denise said...

you always make me laugh with your "tales from the motherhood." thanks for keepin it real. i want to live by you (and your squirrel) and have some regular keepin it real exposure.