Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Tutorial: Fancy Party Favors

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Quick tutorial on how to make these amazing party favors:
1. Have birthday boy pick songs he wants to go on a birthday mix. Be prepared to tell him "No, that song is inappropriate even though you heard it at school during the 'Fun Run' or at your friend's house."

2. Once you have created your set list, burn it on to a blank CD. When the you hear a "baloop" sound it means the CD is done burning and you can eject it from your computer!
Did I lose you yet? You okay? Stay with me before you go pinning this.

3. Use a sharpie (I chose blue because it was the first one I saw) to write "Birthday Boy's Party Mix" on the CD.

4. Put the CD in a CD sleeve and tape a pack of gum on top.
BOOM - you have an gorgeous party favor (especially if you have my unique, boy handwriting). But the best part is that it will not be thrown away. Unless the kid is allergic to Kidz Bop or gum.

P.S. I have gotten a lot of positive comments from the parents when I do CD mixes. They pop them in their cars and enjoy the (mostly) good tunes. And if you're like me what goes in the car CD player, stays in the car CD player . . . for years.
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hannah singer said...

hey, those ARE fancy.
like you.

happy valentine's day, wendy! xo

Lindsay said...

This is a brilliant idea! Love it. I think these little lyrical numbers are about to happen over here at the Willmer house. Thanks Wendy. I would so pin this, if I was able to pin things, but I am social network challenged :)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is such an adorable idea and I am already thinking of ways I can use it!!