Monday, March 19, 2012

Do You Run on "ish" Time?

Pin It Now! I don't like being rushed to get somewhere. I plan ahead for things and leave early. I do not like to be late and as much as I can help it - I will not be late. I have always been an on time kind-of-person. Until my monthly visitor was late which eventually led to a lifestyle of running late. Times three. Any kind of casual appointment or play date now starts at 7 ish, 8:3oish, 3ish. . .

If you don't have children you might not understand why moms have operate on "ish" time. Let me explain . . . or rather let Jordis explain. This was on a day where we did not have to be somewhere at a certain time because we were running an errand or going clubbin' or something. So I let Jordis lead the way on our exit and I didn't rush her. Here's how it went down:

1. Slowly climb into the car seat while managing a bag of cereal, a sippy cup, an asymmetrial hairdo (by choice), and the well-loved tie to her robe.

2. "Wait, mom, mom, mom. I need my robe tie. No mom, no mom. Don't strap me in. I need to do this. I need to do somefing."

3. She carefully reaches up to the grab handle and weaves her robe tie through it. This takes several minutes of course.

4. Adjust robe tie so it is just so.

5. "Hey mom. Look at dis!"

6. And check this out.

7. Nothing more satisfying then a good robe tie workout in the car.

And that, my friends, is why moms run on "ish" time. I wish I could let my kids play with their robe ties as we get in the car every day, but sometimes we do have to be somewhere. One day I will chronicle trying to get three kids to get their socks and shoes on to get in the car because that tends to be quite an ordeal . . .
Do you feel me? Do you run on "ish" time?
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-Jenni said...

Yes! I feel like it is a battle every time we leave the house. I'm yelling orders. "Put your shoes on!" "Leave the bike alone and get into the car!" "Quit picking up leaves and get into the car!". Then, as we get into the car-"No, mommy needs to do your belt. You can't do the bottom buckle." "Why didn't you tell mommy you had a dirty diaper before we got into the car?" So, yeah, we run on "ish" time, too

Kelly K. said...

Totally. Check out this cartoon, it sums up doing anything with kids in tow perfectly!

Linda Z said...

I ran on "ish" time even before kids.... I'm terrible!! But I married a Filipino and they have Filipino time with is the same thing as "ish" time. Problem is, my husband does not run on Filipino time, so in that sense I am more Filipino that he is. Are you following this at all?

Anyway I really like the robe workout... I do that, only with a green rubber tubing. :)

Lauren said...

This will be my biggest challenge when Hubby and I have little ones. I am habitually early. I suppose I'll have to let go of that... Along with lots of other things :)

justsoyouknow said...

That little girl of yours is sooo adorable. I bet she will be be an actress too soon.

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