Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta Shaved Head

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Linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. My week in cell phone pics.

Elijah got rave reviews from his second grade teacher and had an excellent report card. His reward? Shaved head. With a razor. Total baldy now. He'd been begging for this action for months.

Flawless skin. Oh to be six.

Daylight Savings is a bust.

Me and my baby volunteering for Lydia's kindergarten class. We stamp books at the library every other week.

My goalie (before the hair loss).

My mom. No family resemblance at all.

I was on a mom's panel at MOPS. You might recognized my Chia Pet Mold Ball.

After a long run . . .

Me and this one are going on a road trip next week. Six days. Three speaking engagements. One Disneyland. (If you live in Orange County and want to come hear me speak, leave a comment with your email. There is a "bring-a-friend" day for one of the MOPS and we could pretend to be friends.)

life rearranged
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Lauren said...

Are you still speaking in Olympia, WA in the near future? I think you posted a comment before about March or April? Would love to come down and listen!

Denise said...

you and your mom!!!! twins.
she is pretty, like you.

bald. crazy.

i am a mentor mom for MOPS (maybe i've mentioned that). need 38 yr old mentor moms in so cal?

Kristen said...

I live in OC. I would love to be your friend. :-)

Holly said...

Too funny that your son wanted his head shaved as a reward! That's awesome! :)

Dropping by from InstaFriday!