Thursday, March 01, 2012

My March Madness - Speaking

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I just wrapped up team teaching and leading the women's Bible study at my church on Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline. And so now my speaking stuff is off and running. And driving. And flying. It's my March Madness.

Here's a clip from my talk on the "Simplicity" from the Celebration of Discipline study. I'm sharing a recent personal story of how God showed up in an amazing way in the midst of our financial struggle. If you want some spiritual encouragement . . .

I am hoping to see some of your lovely faces out there so here is my upcoming speaking schedule:

This morning and next Thursday I will be speaking on a panel about Motherhood perspective for MOPS at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, CA. My perspective: Motherhood is awesome. And hard. Keep it Real. There are some wiser moms on the panel so don't you worry.

This Friday, March 2nd I will be doing a workshop at the BASS convention in Castro Valley, CA. My workshop is "Overwhelmed and Overscheduled: Learning to Say No, Especially in Ministry." And of course, I have been aggressively been tested in this area over the last few months as I have prepared this workshop. I've had to use my no muscle a lot even though you might not think so based on my March Madness speaking. But some of you have even victims of my no so you can testify for me in the "No" court. Hope to see some of you at BASS (Bay Area Sunday School Convention). But feel free to say "No!" to that.

Then heading to Orange County in a few weeks to speak to three different Mom groups with this precious and unpredictable three-year-old! Start praying for me now :)

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Linda Z said...

Thanks for sharing that testimony. So neat to hear of God's doings in your life.

Wish I could come hear you speak. I need to learn about the "no" thing. I burned out... very badly.

Lisa said...

That sounds exciting and crazy all at once! Blessings to you as you speak!

kmcory said...

Wendy, this was so touching. Thank you for sharing. I need to work on generously giving rather than focusing on the next material thing, etc., etc. Thank you.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness I agree this clip was so touching.Thanks so much for sharing. We sure do serve an AWESOME GOD!!