Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Road Trippin' With My 3-year-old, Part 3

Pin It Now! This is part 3 of my story about my adventures on the road with my three-year-old, Jordis. And yes, I'm crazy. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Over 1000 miles covered. Spoke at 3 churches and visited 3 Coffee Beans. Stayed with 4 different friends. And visited strangers . . . and that's where the story picks up. Stranger danger meet-ups. AKA bloggerville. Not weird at all, just ask my husband.

After I spoke at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, Jordis and I headed to Irvine and met my virtual friends. Met them a few years ago in a chat room when I was posing as a 68 year-old man. This was my first time really meeting Kristen who rages against minivans all day long so I brought my minivan and my mace. Of course there were wild kids running around (ours) the joint and gusts of winds at 30MPH so we didn't quite have major heart to hearts . . . but I know from reading her blog that Kristen and I have a lot in common. Including a minivan, a heart for adoption (she's adopted two boys and well, we tried...), a heart for justice, and a twist of sarcasm. I dug Kristen and only had to use my mace on her twice. Kristen has series on her blog called "What I Want You to Know" and what I want you to know about that is that I'm over there guest posting today. So go there and let your life be inspired and changed forever.

We also lunched with Julie of Joy's Hope. She actually was not stranger danger because I met her a few years ago when she was here for Project 320 stuff. She is a sweet, quiet spirit with some hidden spunk and sass much of which can be found on her blog. And she hearts me, which is cool. Cuz I'd hate to be on her bad side even though she probably doesn't even have one. Her husband probably does though because he's a drummer - for the OC SUPERTONES! They are making a comeback and need your support. Go check out their kickstarter action and pre-order their album!

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Denise said...

you are funny.

i'm glad you got some "joy's hope" love.

she posted about me once, and how i tried to kill her. http://www.joyshope.com/2009/05/making-do.html

TDM Wendy said...

Denise - Why would you try to kill a nice girl like Julie? I'll bring my mace next time we hang out.

Hannah Herman said...

We're running in some similar circles. Some of our good friends are OC Supertones people too.