Monday, April 09, 2012

What Quarantine Does to Me

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Not sure if this crazy bug is going around in your neck of the woods, but in Nor Cal watch out. People often say "Oh, that's going around" about everything, but this is no joke. This virus needs a name. Let's call it HGV.

I was jogging on Tuesday afternoon when I began coughing. A deep chest cough. By 3:30 I had a fever and knew that I had HGV. By Wednesday I was in bed and quarantined to my room on direct orders from my husband. I was not let out at all until Saturday - and only with small visitations and backyard access. My husband worked from home and took care of me and the kids. By Friday Lydia and Elijah had contracted HGV and by Friday Jordis's fever made it's first appearance. HGV doesn't care about Shiloh's Birthday (Thursday) or the resurrection Sunday. So watch out. HGV may be coming for you. And also, being cooped up in your room with little to no human contact (just me and my cats) can make you a little bit kookoo.

I even said to my husband on Saturday morning "I'm like Katniss. I'm a shell of who I once was." He just laughed at me. 

Which leads to my next point (does this post really have points?) . . . while I was down I did a few things:

1. Finished book 2 and 3 of The Hunger Games. Thus, I'm calling this the HGV (Hunger Games Virus). Entertaining. Provoking. Well written. Disturbing. And even more disturbing to hear that elementary kids are reading and seeing the movie. Parents, please get brains.  

2. Finished Growing Great Kids by Kate Battistelli.

I can guarantee you Kate wouldn't have had Francesca Battistelli (her Grammy award winning daughter) reading or watching the Hunger Games at a young age. Reading this book made me really appreciate my parents who supported me in my acting endeavor's just as Francesca's parents have strongly supported Francesca's passions and giftings all the way to the top of the Billboard Charts. The book really covers a lot of bases in terms of helping "your children become everything God made them to be." Go check it out! I don't know Kate, but when I found out I was introducing Francesca at the Design 4 Living Conference (where I kind of breakdanced) I contacted Kate to get some dirt and some old pics on Francesca. She obliged and we have since exchanged books!

3. Read bible, prayed, worked on upcoming talks. Heading to Olympia Washington in less than 2 weeks! What do I need to know about Washington? I've never been. I just think coffee, grunge bands, purple and maroon (from UW and WSU), and rain. Is there more?

4. Got buggy with my status updates on FB. You know - posted way too many insignificant updates in a short amount of time? Like for example:

Now some of you like annoying updates and now want to be friend with me on FB. Please refrain unless you know me. Otherwise you might get backed up in my Facebook Purgatory. You know the place where people sit in your queue waiting to be accepted? And you feel like you should know them because you have 48 mutual friends, but you really have no idea who they are and they didn't even bother to send you a little note like "Hey, I sat in front of you Geometry our Sophomore year. We never talked, but hey now." Anyway, you can like my Totally Desperate Mom page on facebook if you really want to connect with me in a Facebook kind of way. I would like that.

5. Joined Pinterest. I know, I know. I told you I went kookoo. Simmer down. I think I feel a post welling up in me "Pinterest, I'm Just Not That Into You." The first food item I posted was this delicious looking cupcake. Then I went to the source to look at the recipe. And it was a cupcake bakery. No recipe. I could just order the cupcake online. Pinterest, do you have no rules? Isn't that illegal?

6.  Started the book Siblings Without Rivalry. And while I have picked a term from 1953 "mad as the dickens" I'm not sure yet if the book will be all that helpful and insightful.

7. Watched the move Contagion which was entertaining and highly creepy considering the viral state of our family

8. Was blessed by some friends that have kind of adopted our children. They brought over Easter goodies for the kids, Sprecher's root beer for Shiloh, and a pedicure gift certificate for me!

9. Was blessed by my mom bringing us a ton of food, groceries, and Easter goodies.

10. Wrote this amazing and informative post that can be passed down through the generations.

And despite most of our Easter looking this . . .

By five o'clock the Easter mom (me) hid eggs in our backyard that the Easter Grandma (my mom) had delivered earlier. Plastic eggs filled mostly with cash so the kids could pay us back for all the Tylenol and Advil they have gone through. Gary Busey even awoke from her nap anxious to find the eggs!

And for the record, I don't think I'm the only one who went a little crazy during my confinement . . .

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you can avoid HGV - especially if you've already read Hunger Games because then we might need to rename the virus and that would confusing for the vaccine companies. How was your holiday weekend?
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Linda Z said...

I think we already had that virus. Not fun! Hope you all are feeling much better soon.

Francesca's voice is really pretty. My son and I were just singing one of her song in the car the other day. :)

Anonymous said...

who is the creeper behind you and franchesca?