Sunday, June 03, 2012

Merry Christmas in June

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Last week Elijah had an ortho appointment and as we were walking through the door I realized the awesomeness of my kids' outfits. 
1. Lydia in her pajama bottoms and leftover fairy face painting from the day before. Yes, she went like that to school. 
2. Elijah in his flood sweats that he says he will wear until he grows them into shorts. Along with his flip flops and sandals. Yes, he went like that (minus the flip flops) to school.
3. Jordis in her mismatched shoes (which you cannot see) along with a huge bruise on her forehead which you can kind of see. And of course, her everyday dress that Grandma got her from Costco.

So I told them to get on the couch for a photo and this is what I got. The perfect photo for a Hagen Christmas card. 
Merry Early Christmas!

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Holly said...

if you could be a fly on my wall today, you'd feel better ;-)

Ferly said...

I love Jordis' faces! You're always good for a laugh. I just love your humor!

~ Ferly
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turue sona said...

My touchstone on this subject continues to be Irene Gallo's collected remarks about what art directors look for in a portfolio site. She stipulated the most important features as being the ability to save to or drag to the desktop right from the full image, and full-image previews. This solution only misses the latter.

Linda Z said...

Oh my goodness. Are you sure you don't pose these photos?? :)