Monday, June 18, 2012

This Mom Throws Heat

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I was playing catch with Elijah on Wednesday. And he caught the ball with his eye. When he fell to the ground screaming like someone chopped his arm off I thought he was overreacting. Cuz he does that sometimes. Then I pulled his hand away from his face and thought . . . Oh crud. This is bad. Are we gonna make a trip to the ER? I didn't throw it that hard. 

I immediately had the secret club girls summon Dr. Allison (neonatologist who lives next door and had just gotten home) and I called our newest neighbor on the other side, former paramedic Jeremy.
During the events, my husband was at the history-making "perfect" San Francisco Giants game. And while these pictures do no justice to the hugeness of swelling they determined that he was probably gonna make it. His eye would not fall out, there was probably not a fracture, and he could see. So I did what any good mom does when their kid is traumatized - offered some sugar and a show. Works every time, doesn't it?

Jeremy helped set Elijah with some frozen corn and a show while I put the girls to bed.

Day 2 where he told his friends he got hit by a level 8 ball. I had to remind him to tell his friends who threw that level 8 ball. Granted the ball skimmed a tree making it hard for him to see where the ball was coming and leading Elijah to say "It was a bad throw." Whatever. I'm going to the majors next year.

Watching his sister graduate from Kindergarten. Thrilled.

The woman behind the black eye.

Day 3. Kinda of goes with his FBI neck tatt, no?

What about you? Ever had a black eye? Ever given someone else a black eye? Do tell.
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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow sounds like you ought to go pro!! He is so adorable and that is the cutest black eye I have ever seen! I sure hope it hasn't been to painful and that his eye will be back to normal real soon!

GunDiva said...

I, too, have caught a ball with my eye. It's an experience I never want to have again.

You do throw some heat, girl. :) The bigs should be calling any moment.

Cheryl said...

Poor little guy! Wow, you do throw a hard ball, don't ya? haha

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I never given someone a black eye before but I did give a kid a bloody nose. I swear it was a little tap on the nose and then it just started bleeding. He deserved it I guess...picking on all of us little 1st grade girls. I did get a black eye before...falling from the jungle gym...not quite the same story as 'my mom threw a baseball at me', but same result.

Mae said...

This is going to be one of those famous family stories that gets told at holiday gatherings every year until the end of time... "Remember when Mom gave you a black eye?" Oh and that pic of him at the kindergarten graduation? Priceless.

Linda Z said...

Awww... poor little man. But hey, his mom is awesome enough to play some ball with him!! That has got to count for a lot!

I've had 2 black eyes. Once from trying to ride a Pluto things down some cement stairs. And once from jumping off my bed and hitting the bed post. I'd rather not have a 3rd. :)

dale carroll - coleman said...

Ha! this is great.. aside from the little guy taking one for the team. Glad he is okay and too adorable as he shows off that shiner.
No doubt he will remind you of this for years and the story will become larger than life. It will have happened at Yankee stadium during practice(where he was asked to help) and you will evolve into a bystander as Mariano (yeah, i know he is injured but he is my favorite guy) tries to slide one by him at the plate.
We have those stories with our almost 19 yr old son. Like the time his dad, the surgeon, almost cut his head off with the box of foil. Really Dan? It was 6 stitches! Lol

Mirinda said...

I gave my youngest a black FACE and bloody nose a couple of years ago. He was about 5 and we were playing soccer as a family at the park. I went to make a goal and he blocked it- accidentally- with is face. I felt awful! Thing is I've done it twice since then. He finally said to me the last time he thinks we are done playing soccer together LOL

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I don't think I have ever given anyone a black eye. Not yet anyhow. Or that I can remember. My boys are very into sports so maybe it is a matter of time before it happens. We do have hockey puck slap shot holes in my basement wall though. My eldest (5.5 yrs old) recently knocked one through the wall. We had to tape it up last week after my 18 month old ate giprock right off the wall. Oops. (I paid for it later that night when he threw up clay twice).