Thursday, July 05, 2012

Insta-Cotton Candy

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My life in cell phone pics. For the last week or so. I dunno. I can't keep track anymore. Even though the dates are on the pictures.

Jordis started "swim team" even though she can't swim. Yet.
 America's Next Top Model?
 My girls actually play with their stuffed animals so I can't throw them away.
 Elijah started playing baseball for the very first time. So we brought in our friend  (retired pro) to teach the kids how to pitch.
 Elijah followed through after his pitch, just as he was taught.
 We had a BBQ with many kids.

 Elijah went to a Harlem Globetrotter camp, but we didn't want to wait in line for pics so we just snuck one on the back.
 We went to the county fair.
 And got tickets for rides.
 And raised our hands to be volunteers to lead a cheering section for the pig races.
 Strawberry the pig dominated.
 We watched this Totally Desperate Goat Mom give birth to triplets. I was in awe. Lydia was traumatized.
 There was visit to Krispy Kreme with Secret Club member Chloe.
 Jordis got a fat lip.

The girls got superhero capes custom made by my friend. She makes capes for kids with cancer for free. And you can buy them or donate money for the cancer capes. Kiss the Toad Creations. Thanks Barbara!
On the 4th of July my husband was the cotton candy guy in the parking lot of his real estate office. I was so proud of his skills and my kids were so happy.
And my book deal is still going on Plum District if you have not already jumped on that. Three copies of Totally Desperate Mom for $25 plus free shipping and 10% to Shepherd's Gate. You can't even do a craft for that price. Shoot, for that price you crafters could shred the book up and make one of those wreaths out of it. So go sign up for Plum District (if you use this link I get a million dollars or something.) Then find the deal in the San Francisco East Bay region.

All for now. Big news coming up next week though . . . any guesses?

Linking up with Jeannett at Insta-Friday. She's about to have a non Insta-Baby. It takes 9 months, you know?
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Anonymous said...

What a fun week! We went to the fair the day after. Pony rides cost an arm and a leg. o_o I would totally do the same thing for the pic w/ the bballers...can't wait in line. :p Love those capes! What an awesome thing to do.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I agree what a full dun week and am looking forward to hearing your big news!!I hope that you sell lots of copies of your book. It's awesome!!