Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twas the First Day of School

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The night before the first day of school Elijah got his outfit "ready." By cutting his flood pants into shorts and cutting his long sleeve shirt into a muscle shirt. Because he's just that classy. I love his heart and that he doesn't care about fashion or new clothes. Same few items will do. Over and over again. With holes, stains, and hem lines creeping up the ankle. 

I wrote this poem and had it printed out for the kids when they woke up.

Twas the morning of first and third grade, when all through the house
All the creatures were hungry, even the mouse;
But we don’t have a mouse. We have a puppy.
But she was hungry too.

The children were not nestled all snug in their beds,
Because visions of sugar cereal danced in their heads;
And mamma in her boxers and dad with no top
A typical Hagen morning where the party don’t stop;
Except for the whining and sleepy little eyes
that last night couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard they tries;
Jordis crashed on the floor, Elijah came out three times
It’s too hot, I have to pee again, where’s that water of mine?
So up for the morning too early for all,
They head to the kitchen in nearly a crawl.
When out of the kitchen arose such a clatter,
Elijah ran to his room, what was the matter?
No sugar cereal indeed, but what was that smell?
Hard-boiled eggs for the girls – causes Elijah’s heart to swell
Smells just as bad as one of his farts
Not like the sweet aroma of one of Grandpas pop-tarts.

So what will we eat to get fueled for the day?
Probably oatmeal but the price we all pay.
Oatmeal causes gas in our sweet little dude,
When he lets em rip in class hope they don’t think he is rude.
But poor guy can’t help it, he inherited it from his dad.
Passed down from generation to generation,
And they think it’s so rad.

Lydia off to Mrs. D,
To first grade she will go.
Elijah off to Mrs. F,
With his good buddies yo.

Have a wonderful first day you children of mine. Be yourself, be a friend, and let your lights shine! 
Lydia's response to the poem.
Elijah's response to the poem and of course re-reading the part about farting.
 The ride to school with the our new neighbors and dear friends.
 Elijah's backpack - score for $19.99 at Marshall's.

Am I the only one left who doesn't make their kids hold up a sign declaring their grade? It's was painful getting these pics (look at Elijah's grumpy "no photos!" face), I can't imagine having them actually hold a sign, stop and pose, with a smile and good lighting. That might just do us in.
But after school everyone was smiling. And my dad had Jordis so I was smiling too. She had a total meltdown after we dropped the kids due to "stawwviiing," which in English is starving. Which in reality is -- woke up on the wrong side of the bed or was born in the wrong year. She is four but still likes to have terrible three meltdowns. But then she can be so stink in' cute (see below). Agh. Today I called Shiloh after her afternoon meltdown and said "I don't think I have the skill set to parent Jordis." I do that about once a month.

Total rabbit trail . . . back to school:
The kids loved their new teachers and seeing their buddies.
Today was a half day so we went to lunch with Grammy!

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Mae said...

Love this post and that poem was awesome! The pictures of them when they read the poem are hilarious.

Emily said...

Totally LOVE the poem! and the rest of the post! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

kmcory said...

Love the poem, love the fart part, love that you feel you are the only mom that gets pics without your kid holding a sign, love that your dad took your little one, love that you went to lunch with your mom, love that you call your husband to say you can't parent Jordis. ;}

Anonymous said...

Okay, you said poem, but I totally read that as a rap for some reason. ;)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh your poem was awesome! They all look so cute and excited to be going back to school.

sandi said...

i do think it is cute to have the signs... one very creative friend has a small chalkboard that she decorates for each child on the first day of school. but me, we just take a quick shot and get in the car.