Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Lady Can Dance

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A few weeks ago I spoke at the Prescott Pines Women's Retreat. There was a one woman there who really inspired me. I didn't make it to the Kinect Dance off, but apparently it was bumping. With this 80 something year old woman. So I called her up on stage to show us her moves. Quite possibly the best part of the retreat. I sure hope I'm boogying into my eighties.

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Joyce and Norm said...

Fun!! My 107yo (I think...lost count after 100) granny isn't as mobile anymore, but she is still as sharp as anything. I better go see her soon because I'm positive she remembers every visit! She is in a senior home now, but she says everyone there is so boring. :p

Tiffany Yrigolla said...

That was pretty awesome :)

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

I hope so too! I want to be a dancin' granny!

jenn greutman said...

You know you will be!!