Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why Blog?

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So we did it. Or I did it. Started a blog. I will send Shiloh the link. Doesn't everyone care about what the Hagens are doing?
Shoooot. I joined myspace and now this. One might think I have too much time on my hands. Elijah is in the kitchen eating his tofu and soy sauce right now (I hope) or decorating the kitchen with it. Lydia is napping (I hope) or smearing poop all over the walls... nah ... she is not old enough for that yet. She is just over 4 months old now and making plenty of noise and smiling all the time. It's good stuff. Did somebody say mullet?

And Elijah - he is as classic as ever. I think there is going to be some blogging (is that a word yet?) of just Elijahisms because they happen often. Just the other day we were on a walk and saw a poodle. And of course, he had to ask "What kind of dog is that Mommy?"
"A poodle." I answered patiently as if it wasn't the ELEVEN THOUSANDTH question he asked me that day ... or that hour.
"Do they poo mommy?"
I guess I should feel honored with all the questions he asks me. He must think I know everything. When does that end? He loves motorcycles and every time one passes us (even if it is zooming by at 90 mph) he asks me what kind of motorcycle it is. Being the motorcycle expert that I am I choose between the only 2 I know of - Harley or Arlen Ness (don't even know how to spell it). I have added BMW to the mix (although he insists on calling it a BOW because "I WANT TO CALL IT A BOW!") and Yamaha.

Elijah is a great big brother. He has not really tried to hurt Lydia and he has only tried to give her popcorn once. Like a page from the book, "He's Just Not That Into You" Elijah likes his sister, but he does not want a committed relationship with her. I'll take it.

Speaking of committed relationships, Shiloh and I have been married for 8 1/2 years now. WOW. We bond over cribbage and a few shows (Prison Break, The Office, Lost, 24). He and Elijah recently got buzzes. I cried. I was so used to seeing Elijah looking like a girl, I mean, a coolio surfer/skater dude or...check the photo. Maybe he is destined to be a rocker. And check out Dad in that photo. Maybe he is destined to be a ... teeth model?

And perhaps our girl Lydia can be a lip model.
Now where does that leave me? I guess you could say I am a big, bad, blogging, Bruin mama.

That's all for now folks.
Blog On,
P.S. I recently read the book "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller and I highly recommend it. A quick and easy read yet very poignant. Pin It Now!


fredism said...
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fredism said...

Really looking forward to your blog on the comments and context of the things that they both say everyday. I don't have a record of those things I heard from my four kids, but they were all great, funny, and treasures. As far as a time-line on the kids view of the quantity of your intelligence; it is inversely proportional to the onset of puberty.

brenda Madsen said...

Cutest family ever. I'm with you on the hair. I say, "Grow it back!"
Can you believe 24 isn't starting until January?
Looking forward to seeing your sweet family and reading your witty family stories.
I loved Blue like Jazz, especially when they set up the confessional booth.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great trip in Hawaii! We just got back in Sept. from Kauai. Cute pics.!
Our little one also had a major blow out while waiting for our rental car.. 5 month olds must know the greatest time to poop.. and how to surprise mom and dad! Miss you... and hope to see you soon! Love, The Hobbys