Sunday, October 01, 2006

Deep Thoughts on Play Dough

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Day 1 with Play Dough:
Some thoughts on play dough... why does the color always come out the same when you mix all the colors together? Why is that color "puke"? Don't get me wrong, I like play dough even though it reminds me of being pregnant (the whole puke thing). I just made a batch of it for Elijah and he is going on an solid HOUR of playing with it. That is cool.

Day 2 with Play Dough:
Starting the morning out right: a hearty breakfast and some play dough time. He is going strong. Making the puke. Then I go to the other room for 2 minutes. Upon my return, I find play dough on the brain... with bunny cookie cutter. I know what you are thinking - why a bunny and why is it so HUGE? Sorry kids, it's what I have. The good news is that with the buzz haircut, the play dough removal is a cinch! Just a little play dough dandriff leftovers and we are good to go. (Shiloh, my all too meticulously clean and germ-free husband, are you dying right now?) I imagine it would have been an ugly extraction with the long hair.

P.S. Am I sending a mixed message to Elijah when I tell him, "Don't touch that play dough on your head. Leave it there! I need to take pictures!"? When I am finished being entertained by bunny head, we remove the play dough. He then tries to reattach the play dough to his head at which point I say, "NOOOO! Don't put the play dough on your head. Don't do that anymore."
I guess I won't be writing that book on good parenting anytime soon. Or I could write one entitled, "Giving Mixed Messages to Your Kid - Just Do It and See How They Turn Out."

Later days, improve your grades. Or as Elijah says, "Later Days. Poop Your Grades."
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Adam & Meghan said...

Oh how Adam and I love the Hagen Adventures....and yes Play Dough is the greatest invention ever.
-the sarps