Monday, January 15, 2007

Some Photos

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Nothing too exciting to report. Just thought I would post a few new pics. Grandpa Fred came up here to go to MAC world (not a makeup convention ladies) with Shiloh.

So we had a little family birthday celebration. Elijah turns 3 on January 20th. Elijah is driving me a bit crazy with his rendition of Switchfoot songs. A lot of screaming. I warn him that he is going to damage his voice and will then be unable to be a rock star. But he insists that Jon and Tim scream. I tell him that they are trained professionals. That does not quite register. He says he wants to be professional. Lydia will soon be deaf. Oh well, she keeps herself entertained by twisting her tonge around. They can be a circus act. He can scream and thrash about and she can tie her tongue in knots. Every parent's dream.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy,

You're pretty hot for a mom.