Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elijah Turns 3

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Elijah celebrated his third birthday on Saturday, January 20th at an exclusive party at one of the hottest clubs in town. Please don't be offended if you did not get an invite as it was a joint party with his buddy, Ethan, and I literally only sent out 6 invitations to A list celebrity friends. He and his friends had a jumping good time despite all the paparazzi and onlookers.
It was a day of many firsts for Elijah. He had his first taste of peanut butter (with the exception of small peanut butter and jelly sandwich he swiped last year at a kids' party and one peanut M & M) in the form of a sandwich and Reese's peanut butter cup. And if you are wondering, Dr. says if wait until a kid is 3 years old to give him peanut butter then he will not get the allergy. Worth it.

E Hagen also had his first soda, which he actually did not seem to like that much. He went to his first pro basketball game with his Dad. They watched the Warriors play... well Shiloh watched the Warriors. Elijah watched cotton candy and a churro and peanuts go into his mouth. I have posted more photos on our homepage: www.homepage.mac.com/shilohhagen or click the link that says Hagen Family Photos.

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Marieke said...

You guys are just to amazing! I love the pics of the kids...they are so cute. I can't believe it!!
I miss you guys!