Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Little Mr. Sunshine

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Anyone seen "Little Miss Sunshine?" Because I am not usually too particular about what Elijah wears, he often ends up looking like "Little Mr. Sunshine." On this day he wanted to stay in his pajamas (as usual). And they don't match (as usual). And he got some special shoes (Air Jordans) in the mail from our friends, The Ortiz's. Had to wear those. And if you are going to wear basketball shoes, you need your jersey. Voila. Mr. Sunshine. Hey, at least we aren't encouraging him to be in any beauty contests or steering him toward fashion design. I went back into my iphoto and found a few more "Mr. Sunshine" shots.

As for Lydia, I am holding her back from the pageant scene, too. Shoot, I cannot even keep her face clean. Shiloh took this shot with some special feature on the camera. I think the feature is called, "Highlight the sweet potato that Mom did not clean off her face or hands."
I have posted some more photos on our mac home page. Click below.
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    Marieke van den Heuvel said...

    They are just to cute...I love the outfits! Way the go Elijah!

    andythemadsen said...

    when i grow up, i wanna be just like little mr. sunshine. he's got a pretty sick wardrobe.