Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

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I surprised Shiloh for Valentine's Day by taking him to the Switchfoot concert in San Francisco
(thanks to Tyler and Julie for the ticket hookups). My Mom and Dad babysat the kids. Of course we could not tell Elijah where we were going or he would have had a meltdown.

But the next morning I told him that we had gone to see Switchfoot and I knew his reaction would be worthy of capturing, so I filmed it. Is that cruel? Let's just say I was not let down and he hates us. Okay, he does not hate us, but he was bummed. I will post the video as soon as Shiloh converts it to a smaller file.

The concert was at a bar called Slim's. We waited in line an hour before the show. We felt like teenagers.
In fact, that is who we were surrounded by in line until we spotted Shiloh's roommate from UCLA, Jason Kiesel. Hadn't seen him since college. Turns out that his girlfriend, Angela, surprised him with Switchfoot tickets. So we stood with them for the show - only 3 people back from the stage. Again, rolling with the teenagers. And as you can see from the photo, the tallest man in America was front and center. Thanks.

By the way, Elijah got a new guitar. He LOVES it. Pin It Now!