Monday, May 28, 2007

So Cal Trip - Part 2

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And for Thursday night a little deja vu. Back to the Olsons for a BBQ. Kati (one of my best friends friend since high school, college roommate, maid of honor in my wedding) and Tim Yee came over too. Tim is the best worship leader of all time. I made requests to him ahead of time of Elijah's favorites so they could have a jam session. Tim learned "Since You Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, "How Great is Our God" and anything Switchfoot. All that work and Elijah just wanted to play with Jakey. The adults sure enjoyed the concert.

Friday we headed to Manhattan Beach to see the Artz family. They recently moved there from San Ramon.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Shannon and Chuck Hunt, also in Manhattan Beach. Shannon and I have been friend since we were youngins pursuing that Hollywood dream.

And for the last leg of our journey we headed to Kingsburg. Yes, it is in California. Between Fresno and Visalia. Central Valley baby. And just when you go thinking, "Armpit!" you see "the river." It was absolutely beautiful there.

We went to Kingsburg to visit friends from my old acting days. My freshman year I lived in "the barn" on Wimer Country Road in Shadow Hills. "The barn" was a studio behind the Wimers. And on that cul-de-sac were the Muxlows and the Lehmans. All related - Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc. What an amazing group of people! They became like family to me as I was living away from my own family while I worked on "The New Lassie." Andy Muxlow married Becky Jackson. And thus the union of two mega families.

I have learned that the Jackson family is synonomous with Kingsburg. The Jacksons are big time farmers -Family Tree Farms is the name of their company, but they have two other labels called Great Whites and Flavor Safari. So look for those labels in stores and buy them. You will know you are supporting a wonderful family. They have them at our San Ramon Whole Foods. Keep your receipts and when you buy them 1000 times you can go stay at their river houses for free. Tell them Wendy sent you.

So all of the Wimer Country Road peeps were visiting the Jackson peeps for Memorial Day weekend and we decided to join in on the fun. And it was fun.

Oakley Lehman took all the kids on the jet ski. Lydia loved the trampoline. And unfortunately I did not capture the snake attack on film. Okay, so it was not an attack, but I had never seen a live snake bite before. All the kids were messing with this snake that they had found in the water. It was a harmless gardener snake... until you tick him off and he bites your kid on the lip. Cal Muxlow and Scarlett the Beagle took the brunt of the snake's animosity until eventually Mr. Snake was free to freak other people down river.
And that, my friends was our vacation. When we got home on Sunday night, we felt like we needed a vacation.

Even rock stars get tired in the Hagen house. But if you are not tired, here are some more pics from our vacation.
Bonus Pics
And one more thing, I have started another blog. And I know what you are thinking, "Loser!"
Oh well. It's my therapy. And I sure need therapy as you can see from reading my blog. Anyway, this blog is a little deeper than Hagen Hoopla. It is a blog of my journey with Baby Faith, our firstborn child who died at 4 days old. Before you go getting all depressed (if you don't already know the story) it is really a story of hope. A story about an Amazing God who really carried us through a tragic situation.
Now I have only just begun the blog and who knows when I will finish it (the idea is that if I announce it then I will be forced to finish it sometime soon). And it is not in the right order right now so read from the bottom up. Click on the link if you want to check it out.
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Tiffany said...

Wendy-girl! You are such a funny person! Oh, if I just had an hour to go through all your stuff! I will make time to get caught up on the Hagen Family Adventures sooooon! I just had tell you how much fun it was looking at all your pictures. I am so happy we got to play at The River and I am so looking forward to our next visit. I love you and yours....God is so sweet to give us friends like you. Love,Tiffany,Sam & the girlies xoxoxooxoxoxox