Thursday, May 31, 2007

So Cal -Part 1

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Oh where to begin ... we just returned from a 10-day So Cal vacation. We decided that for Lydia's actual birthday we would stick her in the car for 11 hours. She was so thankful. We arrived in Newport on Thursday night. (We stayed in a trade in for my parents' Mexico timeshare. NICE.) Threw our stuff in the plush villa and then headed to the Olson's for a BBQ. Keri Olson was one of my best friends in college and roommates. Keri and Steve have 2 boys, Jake and Charlie. Jake and Elijah are best buds.

On Saturday, Shiloh performed in a wedding at the Chart House in Dana Point. He dressed up like a clown and juggled cupcakes. I mean, he performed a wedding. He got a one-day license from the OC and married Joe Pun. I mean, he married Joe Pun and Becky Cram. I mean, Joe and Becky got married and Shiloh facilitated it.

Joe was one of the kids in the youth group when Shiloh was a youth pastor at Western Hills Church.

Sunday Shiloh hosted a bachelor party for one of his best friends, Tyler Hamilton. They played volleyball at the beach in San Clemente and then went to dinner. Tyler is the one on the far left. While the boys played, the Mom's slaved. Amy Brown dropped off her husband, Chris (next to Tyler in pic), at the beach and came over to my villa (I love villas) with her 3 kids - Sayla, Karis and Barak.

Monday was our one "free day." That's when we took the deck Joe gave Elijah and put some trucks and wheels on it.

Elijah's first skateboard. He was stoked.
Tuesday Shiloh's Dad and family came to visit.

And if you are wondering why Lydia is wearing a onsie outside of her pants, wonder no more. That's Shiloh style. Just move on - I live with it everyday.

Wednesday we went to Disneyland with Shiloh's Mom and her husband as well as Shiloh's bro and his family. Elijah's favorite ride was the Materhorn. And I know what you are thinking (because everyone has said this when we tell them he went on it), "Is he old enough and tall enough to go on that?" The answer "no." But we put him in high heels and drew in a mustache and they just waved him on through. And he will tell you boldly that he not afraid of the Abominable Snowman because, "He's plugged in."

You know how people get annoyed because they get "It's a Small World Afterall" stuck in their head? Try getting stuck on the ride. NOT KIDDING. Boat backup in the middle of the cruise. Classic.
The longest line we waited in (about an hour or ten) was to meet Mickey Mouse. No offense Mick, waste of time! You don't even talk. And you are scary because you are not plugged in.

Click here for more Disneyland pics.

Thursday we went to the pool (the one day that was not overcast) in the morning.

In the afternoon my friend, Missy (one of my best friends since high school and not a college roommate), came over with her twins, Maya and Kobe.

And on Thursday night... well you are just going to have to go to the next post. Pin It Now!