Friday, August 03, 2007

Moses Update

Pin It Now! Hate to deceive you with the title, but the update is that there is no real update. For those of you that have just joined us or who read the blog sporadically, Moses is the littel boy from the Philippines we are trying to adopt. We have completed our homestudy (where the social worker comes to your house, we do a ton of paperwork, fingerprints, references, etc). The adoption agency that is working with the orphanage, His Kids Adoption, has changed their name to Shiloh Adoptions. My husband is inspirational, isn't he? They have turned in their papework to the Philippines government and are now just waiting to be approved for licensing. This could take another week or a year. We don't really know. So that is the big prayer request. Please pray for Shiloh Adoptions to get approved ASAP. Then we can proceed with turning in our paperwork and homestudy into U.S. immigration. For now we just wait as Moses sits in an orphanage and grows up without a Mom and a Dad. We are thankful he is in such an awesome orphanage and is being well taken care of, but it is still an orphanage.

If anyone, knows anyone that knows anyone in the Philippines government, email me! I think that is how they roll over there. I think any inside contacts won't hurt.

Some friends of ours, The Goebels, have a missionary friend, Dan. Dan lived in the Philippines for many years. He was recently back there visiting and checked out the orphanage and took these photos. Thanks Dan! There is a photo of Moses' room, the oprhanage and the playground. Looks like The Ritz in terms of orphanages, huh?

And here is Moses as of a few months ago. He is about 19 months old now.

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