Monday, September 24, 2007

Adoption Update - Getting Closer!

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Just got this email from Teri at Shiloh Adoptions. She just returned from the adoption conference in Manila and things are looking good!

"I should know in the next couple of weeks if we are going to be licensed but I would be REALLY surprised if we are not. We had great meetings and I think we made a great impression on the ICAB. So as soon as I have the blessing of the ICAB, I will send you an email and let you know.
Thank you for praying for us! We were so blessed to be there, experience the conference and meet all of the wonderful people in the Philippines who devote their lifes work to helping the orphans there."

I cannot believe it! It seemed so far away and maybe like it was not going to happen. Now it sounds like the ball will be rolling again in a few weeks! After we get official word from Teri we will submit our stuff to U.S. Immigration, which usually takes 2-4 months. Then to the Philippines. Not sure about how long it will take them to give us a "referral" (and that's where we are praying that they refer us to Moses).

Lydia is beside herself at the prospect of another brother.
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Amy Taylor said...

wow, that's awesome. a girl and 2 boys - doesn't get any better (or crazier) :)