Saturday, September 01, 2007

Arroyo Grande & Monterey & Wasps Too!

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Let me start off with saying that Lydia used to have a crisp and clean and bruiseless forhead. Here she is with my Mom and Aunt Sue and Elijah. But then she climbed on a lawn chair. No one saw the exact event, but we assume from the facial damage that she went face first on the cement. Just wanted to disclose that before you see her in the rest of the photos.

Last weekend we traveled the coast. I dropped Shiloh off in Pismo Beach to meet up with his brother, Caleb, and his Mom for a little Mother son getaway.
Me and the kids headed to Arroyo Grande to stay with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Leslie. One of the benefits of traveling south is The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf. It was a regular stop when I was at UCLA. Elijah and Lydia liked their smoothies. Shiloh and I prefer The Original Ice Blended Mocha.

We had a fun weekend. On Sunday we drove home through Monterey where Shiloh kicked me to the curb at the Monterey Park Plaza Hotel. Fortunately my Mom was there to dust me off.
There was a Coldwell Banker Previews conference. My Mom went to seminars while I got a massage, jogged along the beach, kayaked with a great white shark, read, etc. IT WAS SO FABULOUS! Thank to my wonderful husband who had no problem taking care of the kids until I got home on WEDNESDAY afternoon. Woohoo! I love my family, but I love a little freedom now and then.
Here are some pics that Shiloh's Dad took when he and Jonathon (Shiloh's younger brother) visited a few weeks ago.

Oh yeah, one more thing... we had a wasp nest behind the basketball hoop. Never met a happier, nicer, wasp killer before.

The aftermath. RIP wasps, RIP.
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