Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Elijah at Soccer Practice

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Last week was Elijah's last soccer "practice." The program was called "Kids Love Soccer" (led by parents) and from these next photos you can see the name rang true...well not this day. The practice started strong with a little team meeting, "Gooooooo Cubbies" (which is the kids' favorite part of the whole thing) and a little running.

I am not sure what the the trigger for the FIRST meltdown was, but I think it might have been something like this, "My ball! You took my ball!"

After the rigors of intense training, Elijah was able to recover during the water break. He posed for the paparazzi and took some swigs.

But things turned south again during the competitive drill of "Red Light, Green Light," when Elijah cried out, "I can't see you! He's blocking me!" Kids on one side, parents on the other. Oh be still my soul, Elijah's view of his ultimate goal (me!) was obstructed. I threw a yellow flag and we moved on.

Okay, so I moved on. It was too much for Elijah to bear. He needed a break...and took one in the middle of the field.

But he pulled himself together as he said to himself, "BE STRONG."

And then he ralled for the Cubbies bear and his medal.

Oh yeah, and Elijah never met a treat he didn't like. Especially when he could share the moment with his new soccer friend, Andrew.
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