Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fire update

Pin It Now! Shiloh's Mom's house is still there! But now Uncle Mitchy's house is in danger!

Shiloh's Dad and his family have returned to their home in Encinitas! We were pretty sure that his Mom's house had burned down based on a news report. A guy was standing in front of a mobile home park (right next to Rhonda (Mom) and Dan's (stepdad)complex) reporting as the whole place was being destroyed. He said that when he left firefighters were working to put out fire in Pala Mesa Greens (where dan and rhonda live) where 3 townhomes were up in flames. BUT we just found out that Dan and Rhonda's place did not get burned down! Apparently a neighbor was allowed to go in today to get some meds and called Dan and Rhonda and told them that only one building (4 townhouses) was burned down. Obviously, the fires are still out of control, but for now their home is safe. However, Uncle Mitchy and Aunt Karen's house in Wildomar is now in the line of fire. Aunt Karen was evacuating and Uncle Mitchy was going to stay and try and save the place and their animals (they have a lot of them). Please pray for them and that he would get out of there! If you want to stay updated - check my blog and I will post on there.

Thanks for all your concern and prayers! Continue those prayers for everyone - especially those firefighters and all the people have lost their homes. Also, that air quality is HORRIBLE. I am concerned for the long term effects on people. Pin It Now!