Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires

Pin It Now! Shiloh's Dad and his family and animals are back in their home in Encinitas. Shiloh's Mom and stepdad, who live in Fallbrook, have not been back to their house since they were evacuated on Monday. They had gone to work on Monday and drove home when they heard how close the Rice fire was to their house. They had 5 minutes to gather whatever they could, which was not much. They also helped their 8-month pregnant neighbor who was panicking because she could not get her truck out of the garage (no electricity). She just moved in 3 months ago and her husband is in Iraq. They gave her Dan's sister car (who was in Santa Barbara for the day) to make the getaway. The flames were very close at this point. They got out safely and went to a friend's house in Fallbrook. But shortly thereafter all of Fallbrook was evacuated so they went to Camp Pendelton, where they both work. They spent the night in a hotel either on or near base (not sure which) and have been working at the base in the daytime.

We don't know for sure, but we think their house has burned down. We do know that the mobile home park adjacent to their complex (Pala Mesa Greens townhomes) was completely destroyed. We saw a video clip with a reporter standing in front of the mobile home park burning down (those guys are insane) and he said that the fire had moved to the Pala Mesa Greens townhomes. And there were at least 3 townhomes up in flames while the reporter was still there and the firefighters were there trying to save them. The winds were so bad. It is hard to imagine that the fire did not sweep through the entire complex, but it is possible. And Rhonda and Dan's house was on the opposite end of where the fire was coming through from the moblie home park. So everyone is just waiting now. Sounds like the winds have died down. So that's good. Thanks to all the firefighters out there. Don't think anyone is envying their jobs right now. Pin It Now!