Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My husband is awesome...

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My husband is awesome... for many reasons. The latest of which is taking time off work in order to take care of the kids so I could go to Chicago! I met up with some old UCLA dance team girlfriends - Kim (who moved to Chicago this summer), Hearan (from L.A. - we call her LAcrazy) and Kheron (she lives in Alameda, but let's not forget her roots - Moreno Valley). We all arrived on Friday. Kim lives downtown, near everything. We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating. And I am still trying to recover from all the laughing. Kim peed her pants 14 times and I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. I don't know which was funnier - when during our in home dance party (it was just us, of course) Kheron came sliding down the hall in her socks (think Risky Business, but not Tom Cruise, an African American woman with no sunglasses and fully clothed) only to fully lay it out on her back OR when... nothing. There was nothing funnier than that. Sorry Kheron. That's what chiropractors are for.

We capped off the trip by going to the live performance of "So You Think You Can Dance?"on Monday night. It was awesome! Here is a pic of Neil (my favorite) and Sabra dancing.
Two and half hours of incredible dancing (and 8th row seats - Thanks Haeran!) and little girls (well college age, but they had little girl lungs) sitting behind us screaming like back in the NKOTB days. And if you don't know what NKOTB stands for - then you are too old or too young and too out of touch with reality. You don't have "The Right Stuff."

And as a bonus, my dear friend, Missy, joined us for dinner on Sunday night. She moved to Champaign, Illinois just a few months ago. Pin It Now!


Meghan Sarpalius said...

HA HA HA NKOTB.....oh the days of jordan Knight he was my favorite of course). Glad to hear it was a good trip! Debbie would have freaked....and possible screamed with the NKOTB girls haha.

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