Friday, January 04, 2008

San Diego Part 1

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We were supposed to leave for San Diego (to visit Shiloh's family) on Wednesday, Dec. 26th. But because of the kids illness and the onset of Shiloh's illness on Dec. 26th we cancelled the trip ... or so I thought. On Thursday I took an anti-nausea pill and felt decent for the first time in weeks. So I went to lunch with my Mom and when I came home I asked Shiloh what he wanted me to do (since I had been laying around all the time) like clean the bathrooms, grocery shop, put away Christmas decorations, etc. He said, "Pack it up. We are going on our trip." We left at 4 pm and headed for Fallbrook, the avacado capital of the world. After 6 stops( yeah, don't travel with kids and pregnant ladies) and an 8 hour drive we arrived at the Donovan house (Shiloh's Mom and step-dad).

And when we got there, we spent more time traveling around in the car visiting people. On Friday, we went to Caleb (Shiloh's bro) and Kate's house and met up with Uncle Mitchy and Aunt Karen. Elijah spent the night with his cousins. A dream come true.

On Saturday morning we drove to Carlsbad to see Grandpa Phil. He wasn't feeling well (he's 94, I think) so it was a quick visit. Then we cruised around Encinitas and made a stop at Moonlight Beach, which was a favorite spot for Grandma Sara before she died. She was body surfing there on a regular basis into her 80's.

Lydia slept in the car (I guess you call that sleep? hypnosis? the ultimate creepiness champion? ) for part of the time while Shiloh and Elijah walked around the beach.

When Lydia came off her alcohol induced stupor, we joined them at the playground.

We finished the night off at Shiloh's Dad and Robin's (Step Mom) house in Encinitas for dinner. Caleb and fam also joined in on the party. The kids loved hanging with their Uncle Jonathon and Aunt Briana.

And that's it for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 because the trip ends with a real bang. Literally there was almost a bang. Or more like a "pow, pow." I don't know, what's the gunshot sound? Pin It Now!


Alison Francis said...

Glad you guys made it down there and had some fun. I hope the medicine continues to work and you still feel good.

Rosalyn said...

James and I wait with baited breath! Yours was our evening reading. We look forward to part II! Hurry! Now! We'll come up with some of our own endings in the meantime. We love you guys!