Monday, January 07, 2008

San Diego Trip - Part 3 "Guns Drawn"

Pin It Now! So as not to leave you hanging, I will skip to the grand finale of our trip and add "Part 2" later.

We headed home on Jan. 2nd. We were on I-15, around Lake Elsinore when the traffic suddenly slowed down to 5 mph. In the distance I could see the front of a big rig scraped against the median on the other side of the freeway. "Must be an accident," I said.
"No, that looks like a police chase." replied Shiloh. Perhaps the end of one. As we got closer we saw 4 police cars stopped and lined up sideways along the freeway stopping all traffic on the southbound side of the freeway (we were headed North). And 4 or 5 police offices approaching the cab of the big rig with GUNS DRAWN! I was totally stoked. Shiloh was not. The Dad, the saftey patrol, the driver, was concerned that we were in the fast lane just feet from all the guns and we had 2 children in the car. Details. Fortunately, they were watching a movie and did not notice the activity. So while Shiloh focused on trying to change lanes, I just got more excited. The police offers wrestled the guy from the cab (it seemed as he was resisting) and pulled him to the ground on the little lawn area in the middle of the freeway - on our side of the freeway. We think he must have put the truck into gear when they pulled him out because the truck started cruising forward down the freeway. One of the police officers was kind of hanging off the side trying to catch onto the truck. He finally climbed into the cab and stopped the runaway truck. Meanwhile, another officer was stomping on the perp's back because he was not going flat on the ground. We saw all of this in perfect, up close view! Our timing was perfect! It was my dream come true (just ask any of our cop friends or their spouses. Bryan, Bob, Josh - now you will be asking me "Do you have any good stories?")!

Sorry there are no photos. Unfortunately, my camera was in the back of the car. I was kicking myself about it when the whole thing was going down. You know I would have had some awesome footage for the blog. Pin It Now!


ForHisGlory said...

Wendy, we would be such close friends if i lived there or you lived here. Your life is a sitcom as is mine. I chose to laugh or I will cry. Ask Shiloh about my mother Pauletta how she wanted to live in a movie(all the perfection) I however am a mess of drama and craziness. I love it and I delight in you and your life. I think we would laugh for hours over our lives! I love you so much you bless me more than you can know. Tiffany Morse

Rosalyn said...

I am sweating! That was exciting! Did you miss your calling?

Alison Francis said...

Wendy I can only imagine how excited you were to see this. I am glad you were able to get a little action on a normally boring drive....i think the difference is that my son would have been hanging out the window yelling at the cops to "shoot the bad guy". I think we should stop letting him watch COPS.

Rosalyn said...

Little lady I DO believe you have some blogging to catch up on... something about using wipees and pooh.