Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Cal Trip - AGAIN part 1

Pin It Now! First of all, here is a link to MORE PHOTOS from our Lake Tahoe Trip.

Our Tahoe trip and and our first So Cal trip were a bit spontaneous. This is the only trip we had actually planned for a while. We left on Thursday, Feb. 7th for the part of the state that Shiloh likes better. I still haven't finished unpacking from this long journey, so I might as well just blog right?

Our first stop was at the Moore house in Valencia for an overnighter. Elijah (that is Elijah's booty) and her boys enjoyed sliding down the stairs on a futon ... over and over again. After a few casualties we shut that down. The next day we drove up to Lake Arrowhead to meet up with the Olsons. Keri's Mom has an amazing house up there. Shiloh got an iphone with his Christmas money and this is how he spent half of his vacation.

The lake and weather were beautiful.

There was a log of sledding... and boogie boarding?
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