Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tahoe Trip - SNOW

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So the Hagens and the Stokes headed up to Lake Tahoe (Kings Beach) to celebrate my birthday and Danika's birthday. Once again, we stayed at the renovated Wood Vista Lodge (thanks cousins Pat and Pam), which is really an totally remodeled house.

Upon arrival Elijah jumped out of the car right into the snow...first timer. No gloves, no boots, not even a jacket. Don't think he will be doing that again. Being the evil mother that I am, I actually video taped a little of the aftermath, when he realized how cold he was. Don't have time to convert and post, so for now -here's a pic.

Nevertheless, as soon as we got in the house he wanted to get his (borrowed - thanks brad and jenn) snow clothes on and get right back out there.

Lydia got in her smurf suit and surveyed the scene.

Then she got bundled up to check out this stuff I like to call snow.

Elijah and Owen had a good time playing in the snow.

The Dads gave rides on the boogie board.

Elijah caught some air going down a little hill on the sled.

When Elijah finally came inside his mouth said "He was not cold." His legs said otherwise.

Lydia enjoyed flirting with Noah and reading right next to him

I will post some more photos on our gallery later. Maybe in a few weeks because we are off to So Cal for another vacation on Thursday. We are trying to pack it all in before #3 rolls around and leaves us paralyzed.
Check out Lydia's teeth. Weirdness. Two fronters on the bottom along with two back molars. And 6 teeth up top. Must be a sign of intelligence or something, but I thought this photo really captured the essence and depravity of her little whiteys. Don't worry, she can't read so I am not hurting her self esteem...yet.

Here are someMORE PHOTOS of our trip. (Just click on More Photos) Pin It Now!


Meghan said...

So very cool, looks like you had a blast!!! Hope we get to see you next week. Happy Birthday again!!!


Lydia in that snow outfit...hilarious.

ForHisGlory said...

Been reading the blog and i love it. Don't you worry ##3 did not paralyze us at all! You've got organized chaos under control as a way of life now so now all you get to do is sit back and enjoy. Funny thing I found is the oldest one just keeps getting older and more independent and that so helps us out you know! I never thought the days of their total dependence would end but it does and quickly!! Yay and boo all at the same time. Say hi to Shiloh and the gang for the Staley's although I am really the one heheh keeping up or so I think. Hey i never see you guys mention Josh P. from So. Cal how is he doing? I saw picts of Chris Brown how are they? ok enough for now love you lots and lots Tiffany.
Oh and I plan to get my blog updated really soon so hpefully there will be more stories to share and rediculous family moments to cherish.