Saturday, March 01, 2008

When Your Kids Move On...

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Elijah and I have this thing where we say, "I love you more than _____." And we fill in the blank with all of the best things in the world. Last night I told him I loved him more than smoothies (because we had one earlier). I was waiting for him to say something like, "I love you more than apple juice." Or "I love you more than Star Wars." But instead he said, "I love you. But I love Charis (his cousin) just a little bit more." Bummer. He could see the shock on my face so he tried to make it up to me by showing me with his fingers, "But just a tiny little bit. Like this much." Maybe Charis should come up here and help him wipe his butt. Did I just write that?

And then there's Lydia. She just wants to strangle me.

Maybe this next kid will give me the love and respect I deserve. Shoooooot. Here I am at 19 weeks. Almost halfway there.
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Rosalyn said...

wendy, do I see a little glow in your face? Is that really you? You look FABULOUS! You skin is GORGEOUS! Your baby body looks PERFECT! I hope you are feeling as great as YOU LOOK!
Praying for you often and love you too!

Libby said...

Still are hilarious.
And you look great!


Rosalyn said...

jamie just told me she sees you ALL the time at church etc... She asked if you were pregnant and fell over when I told her you were half way done already!

Charis said...

Maybe I can come again, but probably not soon. I love Elijah too. I love you too Aunt Wendy.